New to the role as a leader

Taking up the role of manager for the first time marks the beginning of a responsible and challenging period in one’s professional life. This new position brings changes for the manager – with regard to their self-image, their relationship with (former) co-workers and team members, and the way they respond to superiors and corporate responsibility.

Your own initial situation as a new manager

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To prepare for the new role, it is advisable to consider your own individual situation. Was your advancement to the management level the result of a promotion? Are former co-workers now the responsibility of the new manager? Have you previously worked with colleagues in other constellations? Have you previously been or are you currently employed by the company or are you starting as a manager in a new company? Do you already have leadership experience from other professional positions or are you taking up the role of manager for the first time? The answers to these questions define what challenges the new executive may face. The new role often gives rise to many questions and uncertainties, especially at the beginning. 

How a new manager understands their role

Taking on a new management position also means being confronted with various expectations. In addition to the demands you place on oneself, there are also expectations on the part of colleagues and the organization itself that need to be taken into account. As a manager, you take on different roles depending on the situation – which is why it is helpful to be aware of what this entails in each case. Eight different managerial roles have been identified. Successful role management avoids conflicts and requires self-reflection on the part of the manager as well as regular feedback. 

1. The supervisor

The responsibility of a supervisor is to establish a clear understanding of goals and tasks, as well as ensuring communication with team members.

2. The professional

Even as a manager, specialist know-how can be applied to finding solutions. Team members appreciate being able to call on the experience and knowledge of a manager.

3. The colleague

As a colleague, you can exchange ideas with other managers. The circle of colleagues can provide a trusting environment for asking questions, expressing emotions or discussing difficulties regarding team members.

4. The employee

As a rule, managers also have a superior. In this context, managers take on the role of employees and talk to their own managers about goals, tasks and the structure of their role.

5. The coach

As a coach, the manager focuses on the individual development of their team members. Through reflection and feedback, the personal resources of employees are enhanced and their potential unlocked.

6. The moderator

The role of the moderator involves fostering team spirit, problem solving and the generation of ideas.

7. The entrepreneur

As entrepreneur, the manager has to have a perspective on the entire company and its organization. The organization is represented to the outside world through entrepreneurial action and economic decisions regarding business processes or personnel planning.

8. The process facilitator

Especially in the case of change, managers are called upon to act as process facilitators. The responsibility for the targeted implementation of (new) processes lies with the manager.

Successfully starting in the new role

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Reflect on your own leadership role, strengths, learning areas and how you come across as a leader. Become aware of your own values, expectations and goals.
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Team leadership
Invest in good relationship building between and with your team members right from the start and establish a new team culture.
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Leadership in organizations
In your new role as a manager, you represent your company's strategy and vision. Familiarize yourself with the expectations and objectives of your organization.
Network with outgoing nodes
Make the most of opportunities to exchange ideas with other managers in the company, maybe also with other managers from partner companies and possibly even with your predecessor.

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