Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about our services, our coaching, our events and our customer portal myFürstenberg.

General Information

Mental Health Coaching is the new name for our staff and management counselling. It is a counselling service for all employees and managers. The focus is on individual counselling sessions with qualified counsellors from the Fürstenberg Institute. They provide support in finding solutions for professional, private or health-related issues – strictly confidential, free of charge for employees and completely anonymous if desired.
Mental Health Coaching is booked and financed by companies.

Specially trained management consultants are available for leadership-related topics.

Our staff and management counselling is now called Mental Health Coaching. Read under “What is Mental Health Coaching?” what this means.

Mental health is becoming increasingly important in our ever-changing world. In order to cope well with daily challenges in our work and private lives and to realise our full potential, we need to be mentally healthy. Conversely, companies can only be successful today if they invest in the health and performance of their employees.
Our professional, external counselling strengthens and relieves your employees and managers and thus promotes motivation, awakens new potential and strengthens loyalty to the company.

Mental Health Coaching - Info for employees

Our counselling is solution-oriented. This means that we consider each concern in the context of the relevant relationships of the person seeking advice – colleagues and work context, family members, circle of friends, hobbies, etc. – with all the connections and interactions. We give impulses, strengthen with concrete implementation knowledge and thus find solutions together. We always work with practical approaches that can be implemented in the short term in everyday life.

Mental Health Coaching strengthens and relieves individual professional, private or health issues. However, our coaching has its limits and does not replace therapy. If a current problem has deeper causes or if there is possibly an illness that needs treatment, such as depression, our counsellors will help you find a suitable psychotherapist.

The easiest way to book an appointment is via the online calendar on our Mental Health platform myFürstenberg. Counselling sessions can be booked around the clock and all available counselling times are automatically offered directly. Alternatively, counselling sessions can also be booked by telephone from Germany via our hotline 0800 / 3877836 (free of charge from German landlines). If you contact us from abroad, you will find your individual telephone number here. As a third option, consultations can be requested directly via our form. After receiving an appointment request, an automatic message is sent that the request has been received – we will then contact you as soon as possible to arrange an appointment.

If you contact us by phone, you will usually be put through directly to a consultant. This way you can discuss your concerns directly. If you would prefer counselling at a later date, we will be happy to arrange an appointment with you at short notice.

The number of counselling sessions is not limited. Our counsellors will accompany you until you have found a solution to your problem together.

As a rule, people seeking advice discuss their concerns with a regular consultant. If she/he is not available, an appointment with another counsellor can be arranged. This also applies if counsellors want to change counsellors at their own request.
If you need immediate counselling, you will be put through to a free counsellor of your choice.

Our counsellors are a permanent, interdisciplinary team from the fields of psychology, education, medicine, health and education sciences, nursing, theology, couple, family and conflict counselling, etc. In this way, we ensure that you speak to the right counsellor for every concern.
All counsellors also have systemic training, i.e. they work with a systemic solution-oriented approach to counselling.

In principle, we offer counselling online, by telephone or in person at one of our institutes or at our more than 70 specialist counselling locations throughout the DACH region.
The specific type of counselling employees can take advantage of depends on what has been agreed with your employer for your company. If counselling is booked online via myFürstenberg, all individually available types of counselling are automatically offered.

You can seek advice from us on all topics related to your professional and private life. Your employer and we want you to be well and mentally healthy. Whether you are dealing with an issue from your work or private life – get in touch with us if you are stuck.

Locations of our client companies can be scattered all over the world. In order to offer advice to all those seeking advice, we offer advice in over 20 languages in addition to German and English.

Counselling sessions are usually held from Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. For emergencies and acute crisis situations, we provide qualified emergency counselling by telephone around the clock, including crisis intervention if needed. Employees of our client companies can use our free telephone numbers for this purpose at any time: 0800 / 38 77 836 (free of charge from the German fixed network). If you contact us from abroad, you can find your individual telephone number here.

Data protection and confidentiality have the highest priority at the Mental Health Coaching of the Fürstenberg Institute and are implemented with the necessary care. We are regularly audited according to the strict regulations of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). All counselling services are discreet, strictly confidential and anonymous to the employer of those seeking advice. This also applies beyond the termination of the client relationship.

You can visit our website without leaving any personal data. When you visit our website, we only receive anonymous usage data (i.e. without personal reference), which we only use for statistical purposes.

You are free to disclose personal data. If, for example, you provide us with your name, address or other personal data for an enquiry or correspondence etc., we will only use this data for statistical purposes. If, for example, you provide us with your name, address or other personal data for an enquiry or correspondence etc., we will handle this data carefully in accordance with the strict regulations of the Federal Data Protection Act. We guarantee that your data will not be passed on by us. If you request us not to use this data for further contact and/or to delete it, we will proceed accordingly.

Under guaranteed assurance of confidentiality, client companies receive regular, anonymised evaluations of general counselling concerns in order to use the findings for targeted personnel and organisational development.

Mental Health Coaching - Info for companies

The core component of our Mental Health Coaching is the potential and solution-oriented coaching for employees and managers. Your employees can make use of immediate counselling if required or arrange a prompt appointment. Should an emergency arise in your company, we offer stress management after stressful events (SbE) as an emergency and crisis intervention. Another integral part of Mental Health Coaching is our addiction counselling and therapy placement service.
Your employees also have free access to our digital learning and self-help platform myFürstenberg with extensive offers and can participate in our diverse webinars and digital exchange formats.

Yes, each client company is assigned its own account manager who accompanies the company in the long term. This ensures that our client companies always have a clear contact person at the Fürstenberg Institute. The account manager is in regular contact with the respective company and can offer tailor-made solutions to individual challenges or questions.

Our Mental Health Coaching can only be successful if the offer is widely accepted in the company and employees experience us as a reliable and trustworthy contact. It is therefore important for us to support our clients with internal communication during the introduction of the offer and continuously thereafter. Each client company has a personal contact person at the Fürstenberg Institute for this purpose and we provide a detailed roll-out with various supporting materials, text examples, photos, explanatory films, etc.


Employees of our client companies can participate free of charge in various event formats on a wide range of topics related to mental health and well-being. Our different event formats are adapted to the respective topics and target groups – from primary knowledge transfer in webinars to digital exchange formats and special leadership formats. Interested parties can find all topics and dates at myFürstenberg – the platform also allows for easy registration.

Employees of our client companies receive free access to our digital platform myFürstenberg. There we have compiled all the topics and dates of our current events for you. Registration is free of charge and uncomplicated, directly via myFürstenberg.

To ensure the anonymity of participants, we do not currently provide a recording of past events. However, we do repeat events on popular topics at regular intervals, so feel free to register for a later date! In our media library on myFürstenberg, employees of our client companies can also find many videos, podcast episodes and written assistance on our diverse topics, which they can access on demand at any time.

Mental Health Platform myFürstenberg

myFürstenberg is the new mental health platform of the Fürstenberg Institute, which will replace the previous client login area. Here, as an employee or manager, you will find our online calendar to book a consultation as well as the free registration for our events. A new addition is a self-help area: in our extensive media library you will find lots of exciting content in the form of videos, podcasts, meditation exercises and documents that you can access on demand at any time. This way you will find exactly what suits your needs. Another new feature is that you no longer have to log in via the company access, but you can create your own personal profile with your email address and your own password. This also allows you to save content such as a 5-minute meditation for your lunch break. However, you will still be able to use the general company access. Even with a personal profile, we are of course bound by confidentiality, i.e. you will of course remain anonymous and your company will never receive any information about your use.

All employees and managers of our client companies receive free access to myFürstenberg.

To use myFürstenberg, you will receive access data from your company as usual. These consist of a company-specific user name and a PIN. With this data, you have the option of logging into the general company account or creating your personal profile. If you create a personal profile, you can use your e-mail address and assign an individual password. If you forget your password, you can easily reset it yourself via a link.

There are two ways to log in:

  • Create a personal profile
  • Logging in with a company profile

We have put together a step-by-step guide for you here.

If you have already created a personal profile and cannot remember your password, you can easily reset your password by clicking on “Forgotten password” when you log in. You will then receive a link to the e-mail address you provided during registration and can then set up a new password yourself.

If you do not yet have a personal profile and you have forgotten the access data for your company, please contact the responsible contact person in your company or contact our client service. You can reach us free of charge from the German landline network on 0800/3877836.

If you have created a personal profile, you can mark content from the media library as favourites. To do this, simply click on the small star (“Favourites star”) in the article. You will then always find your favourites in your profile.

No, the duty of confidentiality also applies to the use of myFürstenberg. Your employer will never receive personal information about its employees and managers. All services that you can use are treated by us as strictly confidential.

Yes, we take all precautions to protect your data in the best possible way. All our servers are located in Germany and we work with an experienced agency. In addition, we only collect your data according to the minimum principle. This means that we only request information from you when it is urgently needed and appropriate. You also still have the option to register anonymously or with a pseudonym and receive advice.

As usual, there are several ways to book an individual counselling session. If you have a personal profile, you can easily book counselling in our booking calendar. There you can see exactly which counsellors are available for your desired date. You also have the option of dialling into the instant counselling directly from myFürstenberg. Alternatively, you can of course still call our client service and make an appointment for counselling by phone. The contact form on our website is also still available for this purpose.

This is still possible. You either have the option of creating your personal profile with a pseudonym or you contact our client service directly and arrange anonymous counselling by telephone.

As usual, you will find an overview of all our free events in myFürstenberg. Clicking on “To register” will take you to the registration for the respective event. This is also possible without a personal profile in myFürstenberg.

myFürstenberg can be accessed from any device. The entire platform is mobile-optimised and can therefore also be used optimally on smartphones and tablets. There are no specific technical requirements for use. Should technical problems occur, please first report them to the responsible contact person in your company. They will contact us if necessary.

Online booking calendar on myFürstenberg

Coaching appointments can be booked easily and uncomplicated online via the online booking calendar. You can find the online calendar at myFürstenberg under “Consulting” in the section “Appointment bookings”.

In order for us to book a consultation appointment for you, we need some personal data that is not available to us in a company profile. This includes contact information, such as your private email address, so that we can reach you for online consultations.

So if you have registered on my.fuerstenberg-institut.de via a company profile so far and want to book a consultation appointment, please create a personal profile first.

If you want to book anonymously, you can also use a pseudonym for your personal profile, or you can contact our client service directly via phone and arrange an anonymous consultation.

You can access the dashboard of the online booking calendar by:

  • logging on to my.fuerstenberg-institut.de,
  • open your personal profile (via the person icon in the top right-hand corner of the navigation bar)
  • and clicking on the button “To my appointments” in the section “Consultation appointments”.

Here you will find your upcoming appointments as well as your past appointments.

In the “Available time slots” overview page, all consultants who still have available consulting times are displayed for the currently selected week. If the consultant you are looking for does not appear in this list, then he/she probably does not have any available consulting time in this period. In this case, please select another week.

If this does not lead to the desired result, please adjust your selection with regard to counseling topic, counseling type and language.

In this case, please edit the appointment directly in the appointment overview of the online booking calendar.

You can access the appointment overview of the online booking calendar by:

  • logging on to my.fuerstenberg-institut.de,
  • open your personal profile (via the person icon in the top right-hand corner of the navigation bar)
  • and click on the button “To my appointments” in the section “Consultation appointments”.

Alternatively, you can also cancel / reschedule your appointment by calling our client service.

If you have booked an online counseling session, your consultant will send you the invitation with the link to your online counseling session shortly before it starts. Therefore, please check the email address you provided when booking a few minutes before the start of your online counseling session.

Shortly before the start of your online consultation, your consultant will send you the link to participate in the online consultation to your email address. If you cannot open this link, it is probably because your company network blocks this. Please open the link from another network and/or from a private device.

You would like to use our services for your company as well?

Then contact us free of charge via German landline at: