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Leadership & Team Development

Managers play a key role in shaping a healthy working environment and thereby the success of a company. By continuously developing and strengthening their skills, they act as important role models and multipliers for high-performing teams.

Proactively strengthening leaders and teams

The Fürstenberg Institute specializes in helping companies to achieve sustainable employee health. For healthy leadership and successful team development, various factors play a significant role: 

Leading hybrid teams
The leaders of hybrid teams are faced with the task of developing effective collaboration and a strong team spirit over a distance.
Dealing with change
Changes are often met with resistance from employees. As a manager, it is important to actively support change.
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Self-care & self-leadership
With self-care and good self-leadership, leaders remain healthy and effective in their roles over the long term.
Both the development of the team as a whole and the development of individual employees are supported by the manager.

Our expertise in leadership and team development

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Healthy leadership
Leading yourself and others in a healthy way is one of the key skills in today's professional life. Healthy leadership is good for employees, but also for the manager himself. With a view to the physical and mental health of individuals, a health-oriented leadership style ensures good, appreciative and efficient cooperation.
Remote Leadership
Managers with employees at many different locations who work together digitally on a permanent basis face a number of challenges. However, remote leadership does not require a new leadership style, but rather an expansion of one's own competencies and adaptation of the framework conditions. Remote leadership offers new opportunities by actively shaping collaboration.
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Leadership of hybrid teams
Managers are currently faced with the major challenge of implementing the hybrid collaboration model in their teams. This involves combining digital and analogue working methods. Hybrid work offers many opportunities that can be exploited by actively shaping collaboration.
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Leading employees under psychological stress
Providing appropriate support for employees who are under psychological strain is one of the greatest challenges in leadership. As a leader, it is important to recognize if employees are overworked. When leaders observe team members changing in the way they work or behave, they should act. 
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Leading in transformation processes
When changes are imminent, managers often encounter challenges in dealing with their teams. Through transparent communication, orientation and an openness to emotions and possible resistance, successful leadership and support in times of change is possible.
Self-leadership & self-care as a leader
Self-leadership and self-care are mainly a matter of personal responsibility and are becoming increasingly important for health. Leading oneself and others in a healthy way is one of the core competencies in the professional lives of today’s managers. It is a necessary prerequisite for long-term health and performance.
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New in the role as a manager
Starting out as a new manager marks the beginning of a responsible and challenging role in professional life. This new role brings changes for the manager - in self-image, in the relationship with (former) co-workers and team members or in dealing with superiors and corporate responsibility.
Team development
Team development is a continuous and dynamic process that a group of people goes through, from formation, through collaboration, to dissolution. Whenever changes occur in the team, this process repeats itself. The manager in particular has an important role to play in team development.

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