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Personal Development

For our personal development, it is important to reflect on our own strengths as well as on those areas that need further development. Only in this way can we develop new skills and strengthen positive character traits that make us healthy, resilient and capable as people.

Promoting personal development

The Fürstenberg Institute specialises in helping employees to develop helpful personal skills. Personal development can also have a positive impact on professional development. Important areas in which personal skills can be developed include:  

Motivation drives everything we do. Knowing what moves and drives us can help us to act more purposefully and make the most of our potential.
Both at work and at home, employees can learn to use their time well and efficiently with the help of various methods.
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Self-competence encompasses several areas of self-regulation. These include, for example, self-organisation, dealing with stress or emotion regulation.
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Dealing with
Conflicts in the employees' social or professional environment can be solved with the help of goal-oriented methods and communication skills.

Our expertise in personal development


Self-management is an important skill to work on personal and professional development. This includes sub-areas such as motivation, self-organization, time skills, goal setting, planning and decision making. Successful self-management promotes clarity, self-determination and satisfaction in private and professional life. 

Time management

Time management techniques and methods help to structure the working day efficiently, to eliminate time thieves and to optimize one's own work processes. In this way, time pressure and the feeling of stress are reduced and more time sovereignty, i.e. the self-determined use of time, is achieved.


The human personality is complex and individual - and precisely for that reason a fascinating topic. Personality traits are defined as certain characteristics of a person that significantly influence his or her actions, thoughts and feelings. Over the years, many different models have been established for classifying personality. 

Self-confident appearance

Healthy self-confidence is often associated with ability, strength, leadership and authenticity and is key when it comes to addressing one's own needs and personal boundaries. Self-confidence is something you can learn. Over time, you will approach new or challenging situations more calmly and be better able to handle crises.

Conflict Management

Although conflicts often trigger unpleasant feelings, there is great opportunity and potential in them. Often, hurt needs or feelings lie behind behavior and conflicts. With the help of conflict management methods, these can be empathically identified and conflicts can be resolved in a targeted and sustainable manner.


Motivation drives our decisions, actions and performance. It provides us with the energy to stick to our goals and plans and to implement them. Our own motivation is closely related to our personal values and needs.

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