Our counselors

Our team is as diverse as the issues in our counselings. Our qualified counsellors support your employees professionally and passionately in all situations. Here you can find some profiles of our colleagues.

consultant Aileen Treichel
Aileen Treichel
Consultant Alina-Celine Thoeren
Alina Thoeren
consultant Moser Allan
Allan Moser
Consultant Andrea Buchholz
Andrea Buchholz
Consultant Andreas Bernhardt
Andreas Bernhardt
Consultant Anja Meyer-Korth
Anja Meyer-Korth
Consultant Anke-Radeschewski
Anke Radeschewski-Colombo
Consultant Annette Fernholz
Annette Fernholz
Consultant Annette Rossee
Annette Rossée
Consultant Annette Wilhelm
Annette Wilhelm
Consultant Annika Lange
Annika Lange
Consultant Antonia Richter
Antonia Richter
Consultant Bastian Bretthauer
Bastian Bretthauer
Member of the leadership team: Beatrice Erhart
Beatrice Erhart
Consultant Zerche Berit
Berit Zerche
Consultant Birgit Pruss
Birgit Pruß
Consultant Brigitte Geissler
Brigitte Geißler
Consultant Carina Steidle
Carina Steidle
Consultant Caterina Sobania
Caterina Sobania
Consultant Charlotte Götz-Pagni
Charlotte Götz-Pagni
Consultant Christiane Koch
Christiane Koch
Consultant Christine Henrichs
Christine Henrichs
Consultant Christine Kornab
Christine Kornab
Consultant Christoph Grewe
Christoph Grewe
Consultant Cora Ziegler-Bohr
Cora Ziegler-Bohr
Consultant David Beckmann
David Beckmann
Consultant Davide Loizzi
Davide Loizzi
Consultant Dirk Honsu
Dirk Honsu
Consultant Anja Krause
Dr. Anja Krause
Consultant Elmar Willnauer
Dr. Elmar Willnauer
Consultant Gabriele Buch
Gabriele Buch
Consultant Gabriele Wielinski
Gabriele Wielinski
Consultant Gisbert Stein
Gisbert Stein
Consultant Heidi Rabe
Heidi Rabe
Consultant Heiner Behrens
Heiner Behrens
Consultant Imke Jacob
Imke Jacob
Consultant Ingo Jensen
Ingo Jensen
Consultant Jan Plagmann
Jan Plagmann
Consultant Jana Schmid
Jana Schmid
Consultant Janne Steier
Janne Steier
Consultant Jennifer Marr
Jennifer Marr
Consultant Johanna Naumann
Johanna Naumann
Consultant Julia Pfitzner
Julia Pfitzner
Consultant Julia Stinshoff
Julia Stinshoff
Consultant Karin Schneidewind
Karin Schneidewind
Consultant Katarina_Romic
Katarina Romic
Consultant Katja Jaronski
Katja Jaronski
Consultant Katrin Wuest
Katrin Wüst
Consultant Katrin Zachmann
Katrin Zachmann
Consultant Kerstin Koehler
Kerstin Köhler
Consultant Jan Kempinski
Klaus Münzner
Consultant Lars Jankowski
Lars Jankowski
Consultant Laura Hüttenrauch
Laura Hüttenrauch
Consultant Liisa List
Liisa List
Consultant Liliane Helbling
Lilliane Helbling
Consultant Line-Marie Weber
Line Marie Weber
Consultant Lucia Sanchez-Gomez
Lucia Sanchez Gomez
Consultant Malte Wolter
Malte Wolter
Consultant Mareike Fell
Mareike Fell
Consultant Maren Moenninghoff
Maren Mönninghoff
Consultant Marjolein Engel
Marjolein Engel
Consultant Martin Schmid
Martin Schmid
Consultant Mathias Mießner
Mathias Mießner
Consultant Maximilian Jacobsen
Maximilian Jacobsen
Member of the leadership team: Michael Krooss
Michael Krooss
Consultant Michael Marschner
Michael Marschner
Consultant Michael Wigge
Michael Wigge
Member of the leadership team: Monika Rieger
Monika Rieger
Consultant Nadine Schmid
Nadine Schmid
Consultant Nadja Verspohl
Nadja Verspohl
Consultant Nando Dowe
Nando Dowe
Consultant Natalie Botsch
Natalie Botsch
Consultant Natalie Roemer
Natalie Roemer
Consultant Oliver Biaocco
Oliver Baiocco
Consultant Petra Eilzer
Petra Eilzer
Consultant Petra Guthunz
Petra Guthunz
Consultant Petra Kruppenbacher
Petra Kruppenbacher
Consultant Petra Mayer
Petra Mayer
Consultant Philip Schwinum
Philip Schwinum
Consultant Philipp Schütte
Philipp Schütte
Consultant Sandra Wessel
Sandra Wessel
Consultant Sara Prinz
Sara Prinz
Consultant Sarah Löchel
Sarah Löchel
Consultant Silvia Schuessler
Silvia Schüßler
Consultant Sina Klaffer-Schmidt
Sina Klaffer-Schmidt
Consultant Stefanie Schlüter
Stefanie Schlüter
Consultant Susann Amir-Moazami
Susann Amir-Moazami
Consultant Susanne Nass
Susanne Nass
Consultant Sylvia Adler
Sylvia Adler
Consultant Sylvia Rodatz
Sylvia F. Rodatz
Consultant Ulrike Diep-Rattay
Ulrike Diep-Rattay
Consultant Ute Ferber
Ute Ferber