Turkish and Syrian Earthquakes - Support in times of crisis

The current situation in Turkey and Syria is traumatic and frightening. Many of our clients have either locations in Turkey or employees who have family members or friends in the areas affected by the earthquakes. Managers and leaders are called upon, now more than ever, to provide the best possible support to their employees and teams.

Our services to support your employees and managers in the best possible way

We wish to help you; your employees and managers activate your resources and strengthen your mental health in these challenging times.
We can provide you with a range of free services as follows:
We have expanded our consulting services for our customers at short notice, with the result that we can currently offer even more Mental Health Coaching in Turkish. In addition, you will find new event formats such as our expert talks in our customer login area myFürstenberg. We have also compiled helpful tips for employees and managers on how to deal with the current situation. These are available in English, German and Turkish.

Tips for managers free download

Tips for employees free download

Expert talk „Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria – How do I deal with the situation?

The severe earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have touched people all over the world – especially those with personal connections to these countries. Those who have relatives and friends in the earthquake-affected areas are very concerned. Uncertainty and fear, but also the knowledge of the immense suffering of the people living there, are stressful and can temporarily cause strong emotions. Even though these emotions are completely understandable and “healthy”, they evoke helplessness, fear, sadness and anger in most people and make it difficult for us to concentrate and function in everyday life.

In this expert talk, we will again provide helpful advice and tips for dealing with these worries. We explain how our brain reacts to natural disasters like earthquakes and show you helpful ways in coping with the situation. Along the way, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have together with an English-speaking expert.

Preview of the booking of an appointment for coaching

23.02.2023 | 16:30 (CET) | Digital (English)

Our experts:


  • Dr. Amina Özelsel, Executive Psychologist Hanza Resources
  • Svenja Spohr, Certified Social Pedagogue, International Critical Incident Stress Management, Consultant at the Fürstenberg Institute

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