Management development

As part of our management development programme, your managers will experience personal empowerment and develop comprehensive skills and resources in the key fields of tomorrow's leadership.

Tailored and flexible

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With our programme, companies can tailor their investments in established leaders who will successfully lead them into the future, according to the specific needs of the organization.

Our programme is modular and can be configured according to the needs of the company.

Diverse formats

We want to provide you with support exactly where you need it. Therefore, when selecting the implementation formats, we focus entirely on your wishes and are happy to combine a variety of different formats should you so request.

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Our workshops take place digitally or in person. Together, we work intensively on specific leadership topics.
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In our webinars, your managers will receive exciting expert input and helpful tips relating to their everyday management responsibilities.
In our modern e-learning courses, we impart knowledge on demand. The content is available as modular courses or in compact learning nuggets.

Self-leadership modules

  • Support in the (further) development of the personal leadership role
  • Self-reflection and transfer of concrete conclusions for one’s own leadership work
  • Requirements, expectations and role management of a leader
  • Strengthening the ability to work on one’s own leadership personality
  • Self-directed development in the desired direction
  • Discovery of potentials and learning areas in self- and time management
  • Reflection and strengthening of one’s own resilience
  • Understanding at the individual, team and organizational level
  • Strengthening of a resilient leadership style
  • Recognizing of personal stress factors and their triggers
  • Developing a constructive and healthy way of coping with stress
  • Strengthening one’s own (digital) stress competence

Team Leadership Modules

  • Reflection of the personal communication style
  • Strengthening of leadership communication for successful conversations
  • Support in techniques of leading conversations and conducting employee reviews
  • Dealing with conflicts as a management task
  • Clarity on the meaning, causes and signs of conflicts in the context of work
  • Development and strengthening of the competence to recognize, analyze, manage and resolve conflicts at an early stage
  • Strengthening hybrid leadership competence
  • Challenges and frameworks of hybrid and digital teams
  • Reflection and developing an appropriate leadership style in the hybrid work context
  • Strengthening healthy self-leadership and a health-promoting leadership style
  • Health as a leadership task to strengthen job satisfaction, performance, motivation and the relationship between employees
  • Reflection on fields of action of healthy leadership, e.g. dealing with mentally stressed employees or conducting health talks

Modules for organizational leadership

  • Purpose as guidance and motivation in complex work environments
  • Reflection and understanding of Purpose on an individual and organizational level
  • Developing and applying guidelines for employees and management level
  • Supporting leaders who lead and navigate through change processes
  • Reflection and sensitization for (team) communication during changes
  • Supporting leaders to accompany transformations on team and organizational level
  • Development of a coherent leadership practice in agile contexts
  • Sharpening of mindset and competencies of an agile leader
  • Reflection of agility aspects in the company and own leadership style

Individual development & Community building

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In addition to our modules, our leadership coaching specifically promotes the individual (further) development of your leaders. They experience support in their leadership role, but also strengthening in personal mental health issues.

We also focus on community building: With our formats, we increase the effectiveness and transfer into everyday leadership. Networking at management level and informal exchange among leaders is facilitated. Formats such as collegial consulting, mentoring or Communities of Practice promote an active learning process. They not only help your leaders develop individually. They also support intensive discussion and reflection on what has been learned and the consolidation of new behaviors and perspectives.

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