Our founders

More than 30 years ago, Reinhild and Werner Fürstenberg founded their institute as pioneers of employee and management development in Germany. This was based on their deep conviction that the development of all managers and employees is one of the essential pillars for the successful future of companies. 

Reinhild and Werner Fürstenberg

As a family business, the founders have always been aware of their high ethical responsibility in working with all companies and employees. Their aim was and is to offer the highest quality in every counselling. Respect for the resources, abilities and characteristics of each individual and each organisation is particularly important to them.

Reinhild Fürstenberg

Reinhild Fürstenberg holds a degree in health science, a Master of Public Health and a degree in social education. Before founding the Fürstenberg Institut, she worked as a counsellor in addiction and family counselling. Today she is the managing director of Fürstenberg Institut GmbH.

Werner Fürstenberg

Werner Fürstenberg holds a degree in education and is an educationalist and social scientist. In 1989, he founded the institute of the same name with Reinhild Fürstenberg and was managing partner until 2015. Before founding the institute, he was the managing director of a medium-sized social enterprise. Since 2015, Werner Fürstenberg has been a partner and freelance coach.