Bavaria: Record number of days absent due to mental illnesses

What companies can really do

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25.04.2023 I 16:00 – 16:45 Uhr I Digital 

Afterwards: Open exchange

Our experts:

Reinhild Fürstenberg, Founder, Managing Director
and shareholder of Fürstenberg Institut

Daniel Spohn, Münchner Stadtentwässerung, Head of Health, Corporate Culture and Occupational Safety

Julia Banzhaf-Strathmann, Allianz ONE-Business Solutions GmbH, Head of Corporate Health Management

Does your company also have high absenteeism or are you looking for preventive solutions to counteract this development?
As a leading expert for mental health, Reinhild Fürstenberg will discuss current challenges in reducing absenteeism with representative company representatives and present solutions that have proven successful in practice. In addition, we offer you the opportunity to bring in your concerns in an open discussion round.

Your team for Bavaria

Get to know us in the following short videos and let us inspire you with our tips for your everyday leadership and work! Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions. I look forward to the exchange!

Tips from our consultants

Some of our consultants for Bavaria introduce themselves to you in one-minute videos.
They have also brought you tips – take a look!

Allan Moser - Consultant

Leadership development, virtual & hybrid leadership, stress management, dealing with stressed employees

My tip: "Involve your team actively in the design of the togetherness and motivate especially in the hybrid context also to self-responsibility."

Monika Rieger - Consultant & Professional Coordinator

Mental health, sexual harassment in the workplace

My tip: "Help your employees stay empowered in crisis situations and be stronger for future challenges."

Cora Ziegler-Bohr - Consultant

Mental Health Coaching (employee and management consulting), intercultural topics

My tip: . "Reconciling work and family does not always go according to plan. That's why it's essential to think through alternative courses of action. We support you in this."

Ulrike Diep-Rattay - Consultant

Mental Health Coaching (employee and executive counseling), mediation, conflict and couples counseling, agility

My tip: "Where people meet, there can be conflicts - it is important to ensure a professional handling and to act solution-oriented."

Brigitte Geißler - Consultant

Mental Health Coaching (employee and executive counseling), stress management, resilience, crisis intervention

My tip: . "When faced with stress, we work with you to develop individualized strategies to expand your employees' resilience."

Investing in Mental Health Pays Off

We know that healthy working environments have a significant impact on how committed employees are to shaping the task and the company, how long top performers stay and whether new talent chooses to work for your company.

Bar chart
Higher performance
Healthy employees are more satisfied and committed, work more efficiently and achieve better results.
Strong Commitment
Through targeted measures to strengthen health, you promote the motivation of your employees.
Lower fluctuation
By supporting work-life balance, leadership culture and health, you also retain your professionals in the long term.
Reduced absence
With preventive measures, you reduce absenteeism and prevent mental illness.